The Art of Literate Projecting

“Literate programming” is an approach to writing software programs that weaves together the source code and documentation at the time of creation. The idea is to create programs that are easier for users to understand. But they are also easier for programmers to work on and maintain. In this talk, I will describe how data scientists can be inspired by this programming approach and start what I refer to as “literate projecting.

Take a Sad Plot & Make It Better

In this talk, Alison will talk about one plot’s life cycle, from a sad Powerpoint slide to an Excel chart and finally to the finished product made with the ggplot2 package in R. Along the way, she will discuss why each version of the plot fails in different ways and how each iteration improved on the last one. Latest event This talk was most recently given at the University of South Wales on 2019/10/04.

Teaching Students to Talk about Data Science

Data science educators have a unique opportunity to teach students the skills they need in their future careers. We know that practical skills matter, like being able to wrangle, explore, analyze, and visualize data (preferably using code), but what is easy to overlook is teaching students how to communicate about data science with other people. Being able to communicate about data, code, and insights gained are important skills we can strengthen in the classroom to make a real impact on students.