Crafting Kind Tools

Whenever you use software, you are also using a tool that was crafted by someone else. Is it kind? Does it matter? What makes a tool kind?

Up & running with blogdown in 2021

New year, new blogdown! A guide to getting up and running with blogdown, the Hugo Wowchemy starter-academic theme, GitHub, and Netlify. Not brief.

Unbreak your blogdown site

The latest release of the blogdown package (not yet on CRAN) includes new checking functions to help users make less breakable Hugo sites.

M-F-E-O: postcards + distill

The new postcards package and distill are M-F-E-O (made for each other). Here is a brief walk-through to add a postcards personal profile page to your distill website or blog, using only R Markdown.

R Markdown for Pharma

A four-hour workshop for R / Pharma 2020 that will take you on a tour of how to get from data to manuscript using R Markdown.

Teaching in Production

A 2-hour workshop for RStudio certified trainers on how to make shareable slides and websites with R Markdown.

How I Teach R Markdown

A handful of guiding principles for introducing beginners to the R Markdown family of packages.

By Alison Hill

May 28, 2020

Advanced R Markdown

A two-day workshop for those who want to take their R Markdown skills to the next level